Friday, December 28, 2012

Spring 2013 Nail Color

Another great option to turn your attention towards this spring season is color, pastel colors to be more precise. These warm tones are everywhere this season, so choose the softest tones of pink, purple, turquoise, coral and yellow out there and let your nails shine style.

These trend-tastic colored nails will give your nails a fresh and youthful vibe, perfect for the season and since the possibilities when it comes to mixing and matching pastels are endless, you'll be able to create a new fab nail art design every time. Choose colored French-tip nails, half/moon nail art designs, pastel mix nails, marbled effect nails, tie-dye effects, etc, as they are all fantastic looking.

 If you're all about sophistication and you love making a statement whether it's trough fashion or your manicure, graphic print nails are the perfect match for you. Strong, color clashing hues can help create an array of lovely graphic nail art designs which include abstract patterns, polka dots, stripes or other motifs that come to mind and that capture the attention instantly. Mix your favorite hues and try to go for contrasting colors as much as possible to underline the sophistication of your fashionable manicure.

Nail Trends Spring 2013

The new season is all about style and one of the easiest ways to underline your fashion-forward, unique style is by polishing your nails to perfection. An array of fab inspirational nail art designs can help complete your outfits, so dare to experiment and surprise with a new nail art design every week.

Start the new season in style by paying more attention to your nails as the new season is bringing into our attention an array of fabulous, inspirational nail art designs that can turn you into a nail art queen. Practice and a rich imagination are the keys to success when it comes to nail art, so put your skills to the test and learn how to spice up your manicure by turning towards the trendiest must have nail art designs.

 The following nail art styles require a medium level of skill when it comes to the creation process, so give them a try and work your way to becoming a nail art diva.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nail Art 2013

Ombre colored nails, tie-dye or marbled effects are definitely super exciting, must try nail art designs if you're all about sophistication when it comes to your style. Although the results obtained through these amazing techniques look like high maintenance and hard to do, the fact is that they are quite easy to style if you master the techniques.

Try mixing different nail varnishes with a nail art needle, try layering sheer nail polishes or give water nail art a try and you'll easily achieve the intricate manicure you're looking for. The higher the contrast between the hues when it comes to graffiti or marbled effect nails, the better, while with ombre colored nails the effects are much more subtle and elegant than if you choose to work with gradient colors.

Why not have fun with your nails as it's only nail polish you're playing with?! Any imperfections can be easily corrected or erased using nail polish remover, so there is nothing holding you back from going crazy with color when it comes to your nails.

There is an array of fun and flirt nail art designs that give a certain youthful allure to your nails that will not go by unnoticed, so opt for a different nail polish on each nail, try polka dots, add various 3D nail art details on your nails such as bows, flower details or rhinestones or opt for intricate nail art stickers that feature a contrasting coloration with your nail polish for a highly visible and sophisticated effect. Nail art designs are supposed to be fun and offer your style that extra finesse that every woman needs to benefit from.

Nail Designs 2013

The need for perfectly polished nails that manage to underline one's fashion-forward style and uniqueness has helped push the boundaries of nail art designs to extremes, so now the possibilities of styling the nails to perfection are endless.

No more boring, simple nail art designs as now it's the year of cool colored nail art designs that capture the attention with their sophistication and vibrant pigmentation, so take a peek at the fab nail art designs created by talented blogger RikoRiko and draw inspiration for your next new season party manicure.

 The vast color palette available to choose from enables you to be extremely diverse with your manicure, opting for a different, vibrant nail polish hue every time you wish. Opting for multiple color use for one manicure can create an eclectic style that is bound to make heads turn, so dare to go a bit bolder in style and color especially during the warm season.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Nail designs for winter 2013

Konad nail art stamps or nail art stickers enable you to create fabulous, sophisticated nail art designs with a perfect symmetry, so go for cool patterns such as swirls, checkers, cool stripes or floral designs, you name it as your options are limitless.

Nail art stickers are a cheap investment that will ensure your nails look amazing without the tiniest amount of effort, so pick your favorite nail pampering methods and style your nails to perfection. Black is a timeless trend that shouldn't miss from your wardrobe or your nails this fall winter 2013 season, so enhance the beauty of your nails by opting for a black colored nail art design.

Layer your black nail varnish and enhance its beauty with glitter or by layering another season favorite hue, as black is a color that works with everything. Purple, red and gold are other must have hues of the season, so apply your nail varnish simple or mixed for an unbelievably sexy nail art design that will take virtually minutes to create.

Nail designs for winter 2012

Re-vamp your look with stylish nail art designs that will suit the new fall winter 2012 season perfectly. Neatly polished nails are a must have nowadays, not a caprice that you can do without, so if you're looking to make a style statement, make sure you don't overlook the importance of your manicure as nail art designs are a style-heavy detail. The myriad of nail polish colors, textures and nail art tools available today enable to you have endless possibilities when it comes to design.

 If you're looking for some easy inspirational nail art designs that are in perfect sync with the winter 2012 style trends, take a peek at nail art blogger Colores de Carol's nail ideas.If you're looking for a nail art design that will make your nails impossible to miss, check out the hottest animal print nail art. To save time, apply a matte or glossy finish nail color on and create your favorite animal print pattern using Konad nail stamps. These stamps are super easy to use and offer you endless possibilities to style up your nails to perfection. However, if you want to demonstrate your skills, opt for a thin professional nail art brush to trace out the animal prints that you desire, just make sure to opt for a contrasting color to stand apart from the base nail varnish.